The Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award is an annual AAF District 2-recognized honor bestowed by each local chapter on a member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and leadership to their club.

A member is selected by our board of directors for their long-standing dedication and ongoing support of the federation through personal and professional contributions, and has shown great contribution to the success of the organization.

A special committee is established each year to determine candidates who meet club requirements. The Patricia Martin Crystal Prism is presented each year at our local American Advertising Awards celebration.

Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award Recipients

2018 Sue Hough
2017 Megan Mullaney (tie)
2017 Seth Sirbaugh (tie)
2016 Jennifer Gerlock
2015 Whitney Hahn
2014 Kim Dow
2012 Louanne Welgoss
2011 Lisa Gorham
2010 David Weigelt
2009 Tobin Lehman
2008 Eryn Willard
2007 Tim Finnen
2006 Emily Dorr
2005 Larry Way

2004 Caressa Flannery
2003 Richy Sharshan
2002 Sarah Thompson
2001 Julie Till
2000 Jean Peterson
1999 David “Kip” Koontz
1998 Stacey Collins
1997 Katrina Bradshaw
1996 Deborah Reynolds
1995 Deidre Lewis Boswell
1994 Fred Manning
1993 Chris Rollins
1992 Robert Krebs


The Silver Medal Award program was established in 1959 by AAF to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to the field of advertising and to their communities. At the local level, the AAF-GF honors someone in the greater Frederick area annually with a Silver Medal Award.

Chosen by the AAF-GF Council of past presidents, the Silver Medal winner is someone who has been active in furthering advertising industry standards and has shown responsibility in the area of social concern through community service. The recipient is also recognized for exceptional creative ability and making significant contributions in his or her workplace.

Any member of the local community, not just members of AAF-GF, may be nominated. A nomination can be submitted throughout the year by any member of our community and must describe the individual’s achievements in the following four areas:

  • Contributions to their company

  • Creative ability

  • Contributions to the general advancement of advertising

  • Contributions to the community

Nominate someone who has gone above and beyond for their company, our community, and our industry for one of the AAF-GF chapter’s highest honors: Silver Medal Award.

AAF-GF Silver Medal Award Recipients

2000 Bob Angell
1999 Richard Markey
1998 Ruth Ann Offutt
1997 Scott R. Grove
1996 Ann Burnside Love
1995 Barbara D. Marmet
1994 Edward S. Mull
1993 John J. Fieseler
1992 Carolyn Barranca
1991 George B. Delaplaine Jr.
1990 Chris Rollins

2014 Doug Angell
2013 Caressa Flannery
2011 Emily Dorr
2008 Susan Hough
2007 Beth Finneyfrock Rhoades
2006 George Randall
2005 Harriet Wise
2004 Not Awarded
2003 Rob Love
2002 Bill Simmons
2001 Jean Peterson