Membership Renewal


The new AAF Membership season is upon us!

And just like last year, there’s plenty of fun events to look forward to, giving you and your organization the chance to meet with colleagues, others in the field, and potential clients. And (like last year) your organization will still have the same access to discounted entries into the 2018 American Advertising Awards, our amazing job board, and all of the discounts and other benefits available only to AAF members.

But wait - you don't have access to any of this fun because you haven't renewed yet. Is it time to start panicking? 

Fret not, old friend - all you have to do is fill out the following form and let our membership team take it from there. Your benefits will be reinstated, and everything will be back to normal. 

Have questions? Be sure to reach out to They'll answer any questions and get you back in the saddle again, cowboy. 

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Separating each entry with a "," please list the names and email addresses of any other members joining you, such as " Jane Doe,, John Doe,," etc.