Sponsor Spotlight Interview: Collective Church

In Kind Sponsor SILVER: Donation of Lighting Equipment, Pipe & Drape for the 2019 American Advertising Awards.


Tell us a little about your organization:

Collective Church launched in September of 2017. We are a “church for the rest of us” and this means that if you have never been to church, walked away from church a long time ago, or are struggling to find a church you connect with — Collective was started for you.

Who is your demographic?

Anyone that is looking for a safe place to experience God and faith. It doesn’t matter age, race, or socio-economic status — our city is a diverse mix of people and we long for Collective to mirror that.

What is the best part of what you do? Most Challenging?

We have a unique opportunity to show people what the grace and love of God looks like in a way that many people have never experienced before. Watching people take steps closer to God is what it is all about.

The most challenging part is that we know that Collective is just one church and the needs of our city and the amount of people in our county far outweighs our reach. We feel burdens that we often cannot meet.

What made you choose to be a sponsor for the AAF-GF?

One thing that we strive to do as a church is to love and support not just our interests, but also the interests of our people. AAF-GF is an organization that is near and dear to many of our friends’ hearts and we want to support them and what they do to the best of our abilities. Plus, we love our city and the businesses that make it special and we will do all we can to support those organizations.

How can people get in touch with your organization to learn more?

The best way to learn more about Collective is to head to: www.mycollective.church

Any industry advice you can pass along?

Never forget that people have stories and their stories matter. It isn’t just about a church, a small business, or an advertiser — it is about the single mother who is fighting to make it work on her own, the student who is looking for purpose as they head off into adulthood, a family that just moved to the area and is wondering if Frederick will ever be “home.” When we lose sight of people and their stories, we lose sight of our purpose.