Sponsor Spotlight Q&A: Coronation Media


Tell us a little about your company.

Coronation Media was established in 2012 as a full-service video & animation studio led by design principles. We focus on developing promotional materials and content ranging from broadcast commercials and animated explainers to long-form documentaries.

Who are your customers?

Our clients span a wide range of corporate and non-profit, with a specialty in faith-based organizations.

What is the best part of what you do? Most Challenging?

We love the moment when a client is proud of their video and it becomes a key part of their marketing, brand story, and culture. We’ve always emphasized the collaborative nature of the industry and give great importance to the expertise of our clients: They know their field. The challenge is then to learn everything we can about our clients’ industry, mission, and goals so we can authentically represent them in the best possible creative way.

What made you choose to be a sponsor for the AAF-GF?

We’ve been in the Frederick area for over six years, but have only recently gotten involved locally. We’ve quickly come to love the community here and are grateful for their support. We’re happy to give back!

How can people get in touch with your company to learn more?

You can see examples of our work at coronationmedia.com, email us at contact@coronationmedia.com, or call us at 301.447.4128.

Any industry advice you can pass along?

We make it a point to learn and improve every day. The creative industry is something that’s never stagnant. It requires continued updates to equipment, software, trends, and creative approaches.