Sponsor Spotlight Q&A: Origin Design Co.


Tell us a little about your company. 

Origin Design Collective is a multidisciplinary creative studio, cultivating lifestyle brands from the inside out. My approach is very hands-on and collaborative with the client, working to get to know their business, voice, style, and hopes, creating their own personal alchemy for success. Through branding, Origin aims to bring clarity to the client’s purpose by deep diving into their “why.” For start-ups, so many great ideas and aspirations die at the beginning. I want to be part of the team that takes their passion and transforms it into visuals. Seasoned businesses often get wrapped up in the money, followers, reputation, and routine so that they forget what made them excited in the first place. I’d like to get those people back to that place of reason and fulfillment and start from there.  Origin is my business, but what’s very important about this company is that the ebb and flow is that of the client’s needs. I’ve crafted a team of specialists in their field, from a copywriter, office administrator, web developers, illustrators, and secondary designers. I don’t want to ever stifle a client’s vision, so it’s important that they have access to the some of the best professionals. This is known as The Collective.   

Who are your customers?

They are some super cool people! I am finding as I grow that my clients span from all over the map, but are similar in that they are small businesses, solopreneurs, and start-ups (more specifically lifestyle brands). These are people that want their services or products to better impact the lives of those around them. The social influencers, the tinkers, and thinkers, they are smart, progressive, calculated risk-takers. They are adventurers and pioneers in their crafts. My own fire is constantly being reignited working with them every day. 

What is the best part of what you do? Most Challenging?  

The best part about being my own boss is the freedom and flexibility. I love that my salary's ceiling can be however much work that I put in. I love that I can work from my couch, office, desk, friend’s office, or coffee shop. I can be out with a cold AND still be able to travel in the same year. I can make time for things in life that matter most; I don’t have to turn down lunch dates with my family. I also appreciate the freedom of what services I can offer, that I can focus on quality instead of quantity, and take on clients and projects from all over. For me, it's about creating a healthy lifestyle. There’s quite a few challenges, but the most consistent one I face is turning it OFF. I tend to do a lot of my heavy-lifting during more standard work hours, but at night is when it’s quiet and my email stops pinging. It’s really hard for me not to stay up all night.   

What made you choose to be a sponsor for the AAF-GF?

I have been involved with AAF-GF in cycles throughout the past few years. I am drawn to this creative community because it’s constantly moving, evolving and providing a great network of like-minded individuals. I also really enjoy the efforts to reach nearby students.   

How can people get in touch with your company to learn more? 

I just recently created a Facebook page and Instagram account that I plan on being particularly active on. But feel free to shoot me an email atsj@origindesignco.com!   

Any industry advice you can pass along? 

Surround yourself with people who are better than you, that care as much as you, and that challenge you in healthy ways. You are the sum of consistency. That includes the types of people you are around every day, so I think it’s best to spend your time wisely here. Hire people to do the things you suck at. Reach out to those people in your circle (or outside of it) for advice when you don’t know the answer. Whether you are a one-man/woman show or a team of 300, you need to have the right people in place to make amazing things happen. And they will happen. 

Samantha Jones

Owner & Designer

304.671.4635 | origindesignco.com