Board Member Spotlight Q&A: Cecelia Lee

Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from Hood College where I studied graphic design (with my mom!), video production, and ceramic arts. I worked as a graphic designer at the Frederick News-Post where I partnered with the Frederick Arts Council to conceptualize and design the local arts magazine, Fred Aesthetic. I am currently the Senior Graphic Designer at Sass Studios (formerly Kalico Design). As part of the Sass Magazine team, I get to meet and learn about a bunch of boss ladies in the area! I have also served as a company member at Maryland Ensemble Theatre for the past two years. As a company member, I do set design, puppetry construction, prop design, and large-scale projections. Some of my MET credits include Frankenstein, Oedipus Rox!, and Peter and the Starcatcher. Aside from designing, I enjoy the local music scene, theatre arts, Pinterest projects, and eating spicy food.

How long have you been on the board? How did you come to be on the board? Tell us about your chair position.

This is my second year serving on the board. I became a member through my job at the Frederick News-Post. I attended a few of their events as well as entered some work in the Awards show. The next year, I was nominated and voted onto the board!

I previously served as the 2017-18 Sponsorship Chair. I am currently serving as the 2018-19 Communications Chair. I get to run all of the social media accounts for the club as well as assist in marketing events. Fun stuff!

What’s your favorite project you’ve been involved with or your most memorable moment with AAF-GF?

I am LOVING doing the social media for the club. It’s been a lot of fun sharing articles, photos, and member news with everyone.

Favorite memory is joining the décor committee for the American Advertising Awards. The theme for the event was inspired by paper cranes. We folded THOUSANDS of paper cranes that we hung throughout the event space! I learned origami from the experience, which is pretty cool!

Any exciting news or changes we can expect to see from the club?

We’re going to be exploring new ideas for events, including some pertaining to relaxation and stress relief since that’s a huge aspect of being a business professional!

How about a little known factoid about you…

I used to be on a competitive jump rope team called THE SKIP WIZARDS! I went to competitions in Disney World. I even have a team photo with my stats on it!